NGS Data Analysis & CRISPR Cas9

New Delhi


BioDiscovery Group is conducting Workshops and eWorkshop since 2010. Till date we have successfully trained participants from several countries who were not only students but scientists, faculties, professor, company executives, etc.
We are the first to launch course on CRISPR/Cas 9 in May 2017 and since then did it successfully several times. To cater huge demand of this course and to connect Gene/Editing with NGS Data Analysis we have launched a unique 3 day training course in Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and Gene/Genome Editing using CRISPR/Cas9 in New Delhi. The program will be conducted for 3 days for which participants have to bring their own laptop for which the Linux environment will be provided by us so that they can use that for running training processes on their laptops. We will provide handouts (soft & hard copy both) along with the software and paper of technology. It will be extensive training program which will make the participants do all the processes on their Computer Systems (hands-on training) with complete learning of this latest technology.The course will be of great help to students/ researchers/ faculty/ scientists in learning this latest science and technology. The course is launched specially to teach the practical aspects of this technology. People focus only on the theoretical part and there is no practical application hence we have launched this program so that the participants will perform on their computer systems.

Target Audience

With basic knowledge in Life Science and Genomics that would like to receive a comprehensive overview and hands on experience in Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and CRISPR the target audience comprises: Student: Bachelor, Masters, PhD, MBBS, MD students as well as Faculty and Professors from Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Immunology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Technology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant Science and Life Sciences. Professionals: Resident Doctors, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Medicine and Pharmaceutical scientists from industry, academia and regulatory agencies. Hands-on exercises will be performed individually using software tools on your own laptops. (no prior experience required).

System Requirements
Processor i3 or above, RAM 8 GB or above & Hard Disk 500 GB or above.


Sequence Retrieval

To get the desired sequence, from the database for which we want to perform the next generation sequencing procedures.

Quality Check

Before we move further with our procedure we need to check the quality of the sequence, if we can move ahead with it or not.

Sequence Alignment

Here we use a reference dna sequence with which we want to align our target sequence, to get our results.

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